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Siding Services From NEWPORT TRADING COMPANY, INC. In Beaver, West Virginia

Vinyl Siding & Gutters Installed in Fayette County, WV

Siding & Gutter Services

Keep your building secure in all kinds of wet weather with vinyl siding and gutters installed by Newport Trading Company, Inc. Newport is a general contractor in Raleigh County, West Virginia and the surrounding area.

The right vinyl siding can take an older home or business that has peeling paint or asbestos shingles and give the place a more consistent and warmer feel. Vinyl siding also reduces the need for scraping and painting every year or so, when the exterior paint usually takes a beating due to the weather—one less worry! You can have years of satisfied wear with much less maintenance, which can add much to the value of your home or business.

Adding the right gutters to your building can also mean much less maintenance and improve drainage issues or other water leaks that may be happening around your property. Old gutter and downspouts can crack, leak, break, and accumulate debris over time, which ruins their efficiency and ability to move rain and melting snow. Spending hours every few months at the top of a ladder is not the safest way to spend your vacation days or weekends.

Newport Trading Company, Inc. has the gutter solutions you need. Choose from open or closed styles that can handle the water and keep out leaves and other debris. Make sure you have the right kind of gutter for your building and put your feet up on vacation instead of cleaning out the old gutters around your property.